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We’re a group of professional care practitioners whose mission is to provide the highest level of healthcare to the greater Atlanta area. Dealing with health issues can be a difficult situation. You shouldn’t have to go through it alone. Meet the faces that are running our Therapy Center, and schedule an appointment today. At C.A.S.E. Support Services, our patient and friendly staff will make sure you feel comfortable and well-informed every step of the way.


As a Counseling Intern, she hopes to gain opportunities with diverse populations with a wide range of needs. She considers her approach to be a bridge between behavioral and cognitive therapy with a focus on depression, anxiety, and anger issues. She also has an interest in career counseling utilizing a social learning approach. She is available for individual, family, and group counseling. All of her work is under the supervision of a fully licensed professional counselor through the University, and through C.A.S.E. Her goal is to become a fully licensed professional counselor as she continues her leadership position with C.A.S.E.


She is looking forward to meeting with many of you within the community. If you are interested in services, feel free to contact our office at 404-800-4002.

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